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Sparky Hard at Work Crowning Frets

Unless you bought your guitar from us or have had your guitar shop-adjusted by a competent guitar technician it may not be playing at it's best.
Let us set it up so you can play better!

Perry's Fret Special Guitar Overhaul includes the following:
Neck Adjustment
Fret Leveling and Deluxe Polishing
Oiling of the Fingerboard
Action Adjustment and Nut Cutting
Strobe Tuning for Proper Intonation
Pickup Adjustment
And a General Check Over for Overall Condition
that might lead to other problems and Much More

Your Guitar WILL play better!
This service costs $85.00 plus a set of strings
Guitars with a Floyd Style Trem and 12 Strings
Are $10.00 Extra

For electric guitar, the rotary controls and switches may need to be cleaned and lubricated.  These adjustments and maintenance requirements usually cost between $65 and $85.  If you enjoy playing and care about your instrument and its play-ability, these charges will be money well spent and the improved play-ability will give you and your instrument a lifetime of enjoyment together.

Rob the Owner Leveling Frets

Caring for your instrument is not "rocket science," but keeping these few tips in mind can help prolong the instrument's life and keep it in good playing condition. 

Just as extreme temperatures and drastic humidity changes make people uncomfortable, the same holds true for guitars and all wooden instruments.

Perry's Rule of Thumb: If you are uncomfortable, chances are your guitar is uncomfortable too! (Extreme temperature and humidity are your guitars worst enemy!)

1. Don't put a guitar in the trunk of your car.  In the summer, the temperature inside a vehicle can easily climb well over 100 degrees.  This can cause a variety of damage to your guitar.  In the winter, prolonged exposure to the cold can also cause a variety of problems.  If you bring in your instrument from the cold, it is a good idea to keep it in its case and allow it to warm up to room temperature before trying to play it.
2.  Keep instruments away from heating and air ducts.
3. Avoid storing guitars in damp basements.  The added moisture can cause the neck and other parts of the instrument to warp and bow.  This can cause the strings to get higher off the fingerboard or so low that buzzes and rattles develop.
4.  There are many types of affordable guitar humidifiers avaliable.  Using one can help your instrument remain more stable.

If your instrument should develop a problem or become hard to play, don't fret, the expert guitar technicians at Perry's Music can repair most any problem.

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